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Dream's Door Logo


Dream's Door is a solo 10-week project in which I was responsible for writing, character/environment design, making a 2D Harmony rig, Animation, and Compositing.

Full Film


Timed out storyboards to get a feel of the pacing for the film

Rough Keys

Rough keys with timing charts to get a feel of the action and help time out actions with the rig

2D Harmony Rig

Front-Rear3QT Master Controller Rig I built for the project

Character/Prop Designs

Designs were made with a lineless and graphic style, with an emphasis on expressive shape

Dream's Door Character Turnaround
Dream's Door Character Design
Dream's Door Hand Gestures
Dream's Door Prop Sheet

Color Script

Color script to pre visualize the emotional arc through the story

Dream's Door Color Script


Backgrounds were made with graphic style, heavily inspired by art deco and heavy metal album art

Dream's Door Opening Background
Dream's Door Stair Background
Dream's Door Lock Background
Dream's Door Sky Background (Red)
Dream's Door Sky Background (Purple)
Dream's Door Sky Background (Black)
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