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Director/Storyboard Artist

Fresh Meat is a 10-week 3D animated film in which I directed a team of 9.  In addition I storyboarded and gave animation notes throughout the process


2D Pencil Test

This is a rough animation test done to show the 3D animation team how "Chuck" moves and behaves.

Character Turnaround/Hand Sheets

These are some of the turnaround and hand sheets used as reference for the 3D modelers to use during production.

Worker Turnaround.png
Chuck Hand Sheet.png
Boss Hand Sheet.png
Worker Hand Sheet.png

Environment/Prop Design

These were created as a layout for the set, as well as look development for the props in the film.

FM_Chuck Desk Top.png
Chair Turnaround.png
Computer Tower Turnaround.png
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